If we are going to change the world in ways that empower every human being to make a difference, then it seems pretty certain that social entrepreneurs and their networks will be there to help and guide us. Uniquely, this is an method that has emerged from the grassroots of all the world's regions criss-crossing cultures and other borders - with Bangladesh contributing two of the world's currently most valued social entrepreneurial changes - microfinance 1 2 3 and the world's largest citizen organisation 1 2 3 . If there is any way we can help people in Pakistan explore where social entrepreneurs have already discovered ways of improving humanity's lot in many of the most challenging arenas of life on this earth, please do tell us.

Google melted 100 macrae.net blogs down 9 dec 2005 ; this jumble is what's left of the past (apologies if stuff dated 2005 and earlier contains missing links); let's see if we can value a new future 1 2 3

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

World's Biggest Secrets Archives? we would love to know what people in Pakistan think of them

where? http://clubofdc.blogspot.com
But if that's too far away! we can extract any relevant bits you want in this blog)

We've put a lot of time reviewing our 2 original sources for life-critical ideas that just don't seem to be getting leadership attention and list a few clues why?

source 1 Death of Distance - we wrote the first in this future history genre (now aka "world is flat") 22 years ago; lots that could have benefited from 22 years work as forecast back in 1984 has barely started - eg 1984 billed 2000-2010 as world's most dangerous decade; we believed people would want photosynthesis abundant clean energy by now ( as innovations go its not a big problem to solve just a very contextually detailed one that could have been so much simpler if research had not been blocked until 2006's Union speech on ending petroleum addiction came out of the storm) ; we believed kids & sustainability of future generations deserved a total different education both in terms of curriculum (yes Augustine converted make science as fun as celebrity fashion) content and modalities of learning (less examining separte factors more training in how to network to find your own best embtors through life and help others likewise)

source 2 30 years old- Entrepreneurial Revolution Trilogy published by my father in The Economist; neither the word entrepreneur nor revolution is understood in the most valuable compounding senses; which is a pity because one way to make the world a better place is to extend the family tree of entrepreneurs into many different subspecies but that's not going to work while so many people start with the wrong end of the stick of what E & R greatest leadership trusts are

If you do have time to visit http://clubofdc.blogspot.com our open source deal is - cut and paste anything you like to start conversations with; ask us questions here if relevant or around a worldwide roundmap at http://www.frappr.com/entrepreneur


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