If we are going to change the world in ways that empower every human being to make a difference, then it seems pretty certain that social entrepreneurs and their networks will be there to help and guide us. Uniquely, this is an method that has emerged from the grassroots of all the world's regions criss-crossing cultures and other borders - with Bangladesh contributing two of the world's currently most valued social entrepreneurial changes - microfinance 1 2 3 and the world's largest citizen organisation 1 2 3 . If there is any way we can help people in Pakistan explore where social entrepreneurs have already discovered ways of improving humanity's lot in many of the most challenging arenas of life on this earth, please do tell us.

Google melted 100 macrae.net blogs down 9 dec 2005 ; this jumble is what's left of the past (apologies if stuff dated 2005 and earlier contains missing links); let's see if we can value a new future 1 2 3

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Friday, March 10, 2006

The West Loves Pakistan Fortnightly Issue 1

Collating this irregular fortnightly from around the world viewsdesk of 40 million collaboration knowledge city bookmarks seemed worth a go. If its greeted with silence or worse, I'll refocus on other places

1 What could be the collaboration game of the year . That showed how many of ctisis can now only be solved by interlocal collaborations between people. It seems rather dim to me to 8 G8 country leaders or 500 national leaders can startegise for all the learnings 6 billion people could openly colaborate round. Quakes, plagues, waves no borders. Nor it turns out fro 20+ years of research by archotects of photiosynthesis does the most abundant clean energy of all - that which sunshine beams and algaes intermediarieses. As this treasure hunt game aims to show the more people who speak up for their coordinate's extreme combination of climate features, the more algae architects can roll their prototype bubble architectures (solaroof algae breeding farms around the world). If you ever make one click this forthnightly,
please go to this map
and if you need more infor before beaming your coordinates up, ask me at wcbn007@easynet.co.uk

2 If every caring person in the west could read one book on Islam what would it be. To start this quiz off I am thinking of buying this book - do you recommend something else?
No god but God
Though it is the fastest-growing religion in the world, Islam remains shrouded in ignorance and fear for much of the West. In No god but God, Reza Aslan 1 2, an internationally acclaimed scholar of religions, explains this faith in all its beauty and complexity. Beginning with a vivid account of the social and religious milieu in which the Prophet Muhammad forged his message, Aslan paints a portrait of the first Muslim community as a radical experiment in religious pluralism and social egalitarianism. He demonstrates how, after the Prophet’s death, his successors attempted to interpret his message for future generations–an overwhelming task that fractured the Muslim community into competing sects. Finally, Aslan examines how, in the shadow of European colonialism, Muslims developed conflicting strategies to reconcile traditional Islamic values with the realities of the modern world, thus launching what Aslan terms the Islamic Reformation.

3 Back in December 2004, I first read and published our white paper on the coming war between goodwill and badwill networks in Delhi. The consequences may take time to breathe but for example, I wouldn't have had 3 years to plan how to make my own way to the Gandhi peace changing alumni centenary in 2007 if I had not started at a place that wanmted to debate Global Reconciliation with all comers, of every creed and diversity of history. I would love to find a way of editing the equivalent for a forum in Pakistan to debate. Algaeworld is only one of 7 worldwide waves we forecast would hit everyone of the 6 billion biengs in the generation 1984-2024. It seems to us that it is time for all peopels to stnad up and unite in 30000 projects that resonate humanity as well as mapping how to overthrow the economics of the big gets bigger by a peoples economics which ultimately flows trade and trust through 2 million global villages (whether these are gravitated by a place's extreme coordinates or in a virtual world of elarning opportunities practised by communities that love what they are most experienced at enough to ensure it does not compound any exponetial externalities onto any other village (certainly not the world's bottom of the pyramid vilages whether their hemisphere is East or West, South or North.


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