If we are going to change the world in ways that empower every human being to make a difference, then it seems pretty certain that social entrepreneurs and their networks will be there to help and guide us. Uniquely, this is an method that has emerged from the grassroots of all the world's regions criss-crossing cultures and other borders - with Bangladesh contributing two of the world's currently most valued social entrepreneurial changes - microfinance 1 2 3 and the world's largest citizen organisation 1 2 3 . If there is any way we can help people in Pakistan explore where social entrepreneurs have already discovered ways of improving humanity's lot in many of the most challenging arenas of life on this earth, please do tell us.

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Global Charters- Human Story Update in Brief

Ever since 1984 Entrepreneurs (Revolutionary, Social, Intra, Web or Sustainability) and opne Death of Distance Future History debating networks have known that one generation of mankind 1984-2024 will be hit by 7 interconnecting waves: each capable of sustaining or destabilising our children's generations for ever

It doesnt matter if you believe in 7 wonders - as long as you see and connect with people mapping more than 2 ; understand that they are interconnecting and each is systemic (can only compound expoential growth or destriction over time and through the 2 million global villages we 6 billion beings spend our lifetimes and genenerate the next by inhabiting or network around)

wave 1 might be called collaborating with sunshine's clean energy, clean water, clean oxygen, and healthy nature - for its most courageous storylines join in at this collaborative treasure map http://www.frappr.com/algaeworld

wave 2 might be called children's learning potentials and cross-cultural confidences and acccess to lifelong pursuits worthy of developing and not communally destructing

wave 3 might be called ridding apartheids and structural underclasses so that no baby girl or boy is born into and chained around extreme poverty's disease and compound loss of life's energy to make a loving difference

wave 7 might be called changing economics, valuation, goverance to love courageous people's relationships and trust-flows not to quarterise them -wave 7 was always going to be the hardest conversion of all - eg Augustine's conversion?

We are redeveloping our scripts of each wave at http://globalcharters.blogspot.com - if you have got a script for open use, or a wave of concern, or a treasure map to interconnect, please come along so we colaboration in the generation that collectively decided the fate of our species

We'll also collate economic scripts at the bottom section of this blog


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