If we are going to change the world in ways that empower every human being to make a difference, then it seems pretty certain that social entrepreneurs and their networks will be there to help and guide us. Uniquely, this is an method that has emerged from the grassroots of all the world's regions criss-crossing cultures and other borders - with Bangladesh contributing two of the world's currently most valued social entrepreneurial changes - microfinance 1 2 3 and the world's largest citizen organisation 1 2 3 . If there is any way we can help people in Pakistan explore where social entrepreneurs have already discovered ways of improving humanity's lot in many of the most challenging arenas of life on this earth, please do tell us.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I was posting this mail at The Cooperation -one of London's 5 collaboration villages for humanity. Apart from the reference to Pakistan's socila forum role, I would be particularly interested to hear local views of how to get city hubs of cooperation started and how to tailor the 5 village approach to big S.Asia cities

We realise that what amkes a hub ssutain deep community circles in London is different from eg Rio in Brazil, but we do need feedback however explorative on what obstacles a hub in Pakistan cities would face from birth upwards. It seems to us provisionally that Oxygen (not Gold) Class status to the world's emerging league of world class hubs can be best awarded to thos hubs that all citizens recognise as the safest multicultural meeting place in town

As omidyar.net is a primary sponsor of the Brazilian hub, I am discussing a lot more of the issues of how to profile the open safety and systainability of a city's netizens and community-uop projects over there. Please do tell me at wcbn007@easynet.co.uk if you join omidyar since its quite a strange place to find every way round it - which is also a motivator for collaborating as alumni of omidyar

FEB06 newsletter of alumni of THE COOPERATION
Photosynthesis energy continues to blossom like the birds of spring at solaroof and omniworldview

Systems Club friends note that Carol is trying the extremely tough moderation of the loop between complexity and simplicity of Europewide Knowledge

Chris asks you to tell your humanitarian networks greatest stories to the BBC World Service Trust and copy him with the BBC's responses. The people of London need to know so that we can govern our public media in a way that makes London a sustainable example of multicultural 21st Cities and Britain an open meta-hub in the 2 million global village commonwealth of nations

Pakistan is playing its first co-hosting role of the World Social Forum movement in 2006


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